• 39 days ago: @TfL quick one. Is there a reason there are no bike stands in Homerton area or you just like us riding around like wankers all night? Ta
  • 202 days ago: @scottbroadhead Its deplorable
  • 206 days ago: @asifkapadia asif can you give us a Maradona update. The wait is killing me. All the best from Queensbridge Road
  • 262 days ago: @scottbroadhead oof
  • 263 days ago: @ollyofficial dear darlin, please excuse my hearing
  • 437 days ago: @VirginTrains dep euston 1520
  • 437 days ago: @VirginTrains macbook pro. Im there in half an hour. Dont sweat it. Ill be in standard class next time so that i dont arrive angry. Ta
  • 437 days ago: @VirginTrains it gave me 30 seconds about 5 mins ago
  • 437 days ago: @VirginTrains i buy a first class ticket to use the wifi. Except its not working so i might as well sit in standard. Waste of money
  • 449 days ago: @MAFF_U mail me
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