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Oct 19th
The Music Room, Atlanta
Oct 20th
Output, Brooklyn
Oct 27th
The Midway, San Francisco (evening)
Nov 14th
Do Not Sit On The Furniture, Miami
Nov 17th
Get Out Festival, Lima
Dec 15th
Caden, New York
Available On
Oct 26th Available for North America
Nov 16th Available for Latin America

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  • 45 days ago: @mikeservito 😂😂😂😂fuckin hate yew
  • 46 days ago: My family: what’s your plan after DJing is over? Me: https://t.co/CussqTwbzA
  • 41 days ago: RT @HoarseWisperer: You might think wiping your nose on the flag is patriotic but it’snot https://t.co/0Eretl8rzY
  • 44 days ago: @mikeservito the dont know bill is short for william either and then i gotta go into the whole fucking thing "yes a… https://t.co/gyG7wnjOiJ
  • 33 days ago: How lazy are you? Me: just ordered a record off of discogs I’m certain I already have but can’t be bothered searching for it. 🙋🏻‍♂️
  • 18 days ago: Actual nightmare https://t.co/QuMEKbskMR
  • 29 days ago: RT @TheBPMFestival: Get ready to dance on Saturday night! 💃🎶 @IbizaVoice brings @Bill_Patrick, @Molly_Emeline, @TobiNeumann, @LaurenLoSung,…
  • 3 days ago: RT @OutputClubBK: This week at Output 🔊 https://t.co/CwoWmFWFFx https://t.co/BkyDqHkkdt
  • 10 days ago: RT @ILUVINCOGNITO: Celebrating 5 years of @othersound.la starring a triple header of @bill_patrick & @tigerskin.official and residents @evi…