Songs Appear On
Theo Parrish - Contemporhythms (Part 1) Sound Signature 2002
Early Works Rush Hour 2010
Perfect Timing Sonar Kolletiv 2008
Backwards and Sideways Octave Lab 2007
Hiatus on the Horizon Peacefrog 2005
Cardiology Planet E 2002
Original Music
It's Too Late EP Delusions of Grandeur 2013
Don't Get Me Wrong EP Delusions of Grandeur 2012
Magic EP feat. B-Slade Rush Hour 2012
Saturday Night Manifesto EP Rush Hour 2011
Soul Clap 2000 Rush Hour 2010
Deeper Waters Sonar Kollektiv 2008
Maui's Lament Rush Hour 2008
Landed (Recloose & Freaks) Music For Freaks 2006
Dust ft Joe Dukie Peacefrog 2005
Mana's Bounce Peacefrog 2005
Cardiology (Isolee Remix) Playhouse 2004
Us Vs. Us Rush Hour 2003
Ain't Changin' Planet E 2002
Can't Take It Planet E 2000
Spelunking EP Planet E 1999
So This is the Dining Room Planet E 1998
Randolph - GPS (Recloose Remix) Still Music 2010
SK Radicals - Is This Love For Real? (Recloose Vox Remix) Groovement 2010
SK Radicals - Is This Love For Real? (Recloose Dub Remix) Groovement 2010
Based On Kyoto - Just After The Rain (Recloose + Frank Booker Remix) Japonica 2010
Why Sheep? - Earthworm (Recloose Remix) King Biscuit Recordings 2010
Sunburst Band- Far Beyond (Recloose Remix) Z Records 2009
Los Amigos Invisibles - Plastic Woman (Recloose & Frank Booker Remix) Lovemonk 2009
Soul Parlor - The Outer Rims (Recloose Remix) Raw Fusion Recordings 2009
Lee Jones - As You Like It (Recloose Remix) Simple 2008
Robert Strauss - Miami Jammin' (Recloose Remix) BBE 2008
Smith & Mudd - 24/7 (Recloose Remix) Claremont 56 2008
Azymuth - Estrada Dos Deuses (Recloose Re Edit) Far Out Recordings 2007
Sola - Soulution (Recloose Remix) Sugarlicks Records 2007
Jazztronik - Verdades (Recloose's Ironic Funk Remix) Especial Distribution 2006
Clara Hill - Restless Times (Recloose Remix - Vocal) Sonar Kollektiv 2005
Mark De Clive-Lowe - Keep It Moving (Recloose Remix) Funk of Fury Recordings 2005
Bakura - Lately (Recloose's Dark Booger Remix) Especial Records 2005
Clara Hill - Restless Times (Recloose Remix - Dub) Sonar Kollektiv 2005
MJ Cole - Wondering Why (Recloose Vocal Mix) Talkin' Loud 2003
Why Sheep? - Earthborn (Recloose Remix) Third Ear 2003
The Eternals ft. Benjamin Diamond - Strange World (Recloose Mix) Diamond Traxx 2003
MJ Cole - Wondering Why (Recloose Dub) Phychic Phenomena 2003
Towa Tei- Samping Principle (Recloose Remix) Cutting Edge 2002
Frankie Valentine - Intro/Outro (Recloose Mix) Sunshine Enterprises 2002
Crue-L Grand Orchestra - We Live A Life (Recloose Remix #2) Crue-L Records 2002
Herbert - Leave Me Now (Recloose Mix) Studio !K7 2001
Loqate - Miracles (Recloose Mix) Ubiquity 2001
Dan Curtin - Spaceman Recloose Remix) Elypsia 2001
Recloose – Can't Take The Absence (Recloose Mind Meld Mix) WMF Records 2001
Cosmic Village - WYG2 (Recloose Remix) For Life Records 2001
Jaymz Nylon – One Nation (Recloose Remix) Irma 2001
H.N.I.A - Happy Blues (Recloose Remix) 4AD 2001
Les Gammas - Guauanco (Recloose Remix) Compost Records 2000
Recloose - Can't Take It (Recloose Remix) Planet E 2000
Brooks - Clix (Recloose Mix) Mantis Recordings 2000
Crue-L Grand Orchestra - We Live A Life (Recloose Remix #1) Crue-L Records 2000
Ballistic Mystic - Imperial Cruise (Stir Crazy Remix) Exist Dance 2000
Tracks Appear On
Hit It & Quit It Radio Revue Vol. 1 Fingertips 2011