Lonber Attract / What, Where?

- Lonber Attract / What, Where?

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Treasured London DJ/producer Anthea steps up for the next release on air London marking a leap into solo production with ‘Lonber Attract’ - a sprawling patchworkof glitchy tech grooves, marauding basslines and seductive reverb - featuring astunning remix by Desolat queen tINI.

Climbing the ranks in the London house scene - from the counter of everyone’s favourite London record store, Phonica, to honing her craft as a DJ at party institutions such as T-Bar, Faith, Circo Loco and fabric, Anthea later entered the production realm with Greek-Londoner Alex Celler, creating bombs for key labels such as Freak n Chic and Cecille.Now coming into her own as a solo producer, Anthea has refined a sound full of subtlety and sophistication and debut full release ‘Lonber Attract’ is evidence that Anthea is all about the epic mood and groove. Deep and atmospheric inspired bythe sultry spoken vocals of Leigh Kelly aka L.K, the open-ended percussive patternsand soft kicks build a minimal framework fuelled by a deep shuddering bassline.

Second original ‘What, Where’ is another restrained take on hypnotic deep tech,the femme fatale voice penetrating throughout as pacey hi hats drive undergliding ethereal pads. Waves of sinister FX create a sense of paranoia before the powerful percussive groove really takes hold.

On the B-side tINI delivers a remix that proves why she has fast become one of Germany’s most highly acclaimed artists. Twisting ‘Lonber Attract’ into a tribal rollerwith intricate rhythms and an edge of raw funk, this groove monster just gets deeper and deeper. An impulsive, passionate character who knows exactly how to work a crowd, tINI has held residencies for Ibiza’s original Ushuaia and London’s cult Fuse events. Highly acclaimed debut LP ‘Tessa’ was released on home label Desolat in 2011.