Air Trax

- Air Trax

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air london presents the debut solo release from Adam Shelton.

Already releasing music with Subb-An (either as Subb-An & Shelton or under their SAS guise), Air Trax marks the first full release for Adam in his own right, and it’s one hell of an introduction.

Both tracks here have been made for the late night hours as Adam really gets into his gritty groove with this speaker-busting double hitter. ‘Crazy Talk’ starts off with a hypnotic rolling drumbeat and a fixating, echoing vocal that builds until the driving bassline kicks in and leaves you hooked.

On the flip ‘Do Not Attempt’ is another killer cut with clipped broken beats and crisp hi-hats. A shady vocal, uttered throughout, is swathed in siren cries and more brooding bassline.