Ibiza Voice Podcast 508: Nick Curly Image28 Mar

Ibiza Voice Podcast 508: Nick Curly

Nick Curly has now been defining the sound of the underground for ten whole years. The varied and vital artist has established a number of labels in that time, including the era-defining Cecille Records. Currently he is focused on 8Bit, which continues to grow from strength to strength, as an outlet for fresh house and tech. 2017, then, is sure to be another landmark year.

Ibiza Voice - Where did you record the mix?

Nick - I recorded that mix at the Mindshake party at Trade in Miami during MMW this year. Even though the party was early in the week, the vibe was really good that night, I hope you can feel it in this mix.

Ibiza Voice - Where was the last gig you had and what was it like?

Nick - Last Saturday I brought my Trust event for the first time to Mexico City. We did Normandie, which Im told is the new hotspot in the city. Its the best venue Ive played in this city. Its a kind of underground concrete bunker. Great people. We had invited Rodriguez Jr and my old mate Ryan Crosson that night. The party went great and we all enjoyed it a lot even if there was a bit too much tequila.

Ibiza Voice - Where is your next gig?

Next weekend is always a special one of the year for me. We have Time Warp taking place in my hometown Mannheim. I'm already super excited as so many friends will come to my city and the nights end is always special. I will play before Jackmaster at Floor 6 this time. Its a great stage and looks we all gonna have lots of fun.

Ibiza Voice - What’s your ‘never fails’ record at the moment?

One record I play in nearly all my sets is my upcoming track on 8Bit called 'Amnezia'. I tried a bit of a different production on this track and I'm very happy with the result. The track works always great when I play it in the club. It comes out in April

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