In Session: Session Victim - Mixmag Image26 Jul

In Session: Session Victim - Mixmag

Few artists manage to make music as dreamy as Session Victim do let alone so damn regularly. With a sound as distinctive as a hot, sunny day, Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling have been channeling an unparalleled energy through their productions and DJ sets for nearly a decade.

The German duo officially opened their account back in 2008 with the ‘No Friends’ EP which dropped via Real Soon and although it showcased a glitchy, deeper style than we’re used to now, there are still hints of the melancholy and beauty that the pair are known for today.

One look across their bulging discography reveals some absolute classics as well. Via Jimpster's Delusions Of Grandeur label, the duo have built an empire based on luscious house, disco, funk and soul with 'The Haunted House of House' album acting as a Mixmag favourite for years to come. There was the bouncy, care-free 'Dark Sienna', the mischievous yet jubilant 'Good Intentions' and of course there's 'The Haunted House', the ethereal, hands-in-the-air classic.

Live, the pair are a different story. Take the floaty, tenderness of their tracks that seduce and subdue and contrast it with an energy only comparable to that of an over-excited pair of best friends in the playground. The two often jump around and flail with glee behind the decks while they DJ, giving you a spectacle that's hard not to try and replicate from the dancefloor. 

When they played the Lab, they gifted us with a wealth of vinyl gems that spanned new-school stompers, sultry jazz and soul and a beautifully blended combination of house and disco. 

They also play live and merge together tracks from their entire back catalogue, creating an amalgamation of a decade's worth of golden material. We're not joking when we say that Session Victim are two of the smoothest characters in the game and their brand new album further cements that status. 'Listen To Your Heart' is their third album in five years and dare we say it's some of their most accomplished work to date.

The 14 track LP follows much of the same formula as before but incorporates a wider spectrum of sounds, styles and speeds. 'Shadows' is the sort of cut we'd expect to go down in the club whereas personal favourite 'Castle For Sale' is one of the most perfect home-listening, chill-out tracks we've heard in years.

Imagine you're on a beach, either in a hammock or sipping a margarita on the shore. If you pop this album on and close your eyes, you're getting transported straight there. We promise.

For their In Session debut, they've done exactly what we thought they would. They've given us a slice of how they play when they DJ and shown us the thought process that goes into producing their masterpieces. Sit back, relax and become victims of the best session of the year.


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