air london RSS Feedhttp://airlondonmusic.comair london - News and Eventsen-gbThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400david@airlondonmusic.comSimon BakerThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Recorded live from Washington DC\'s Flash Club, back in October, airpod 27 comes from Simon Baker. A leading light of the UK scene throughout the 00s and a founding member of the air london family - Simon has enjoyed a hugely successful touring career, particularly in the U.S and a live club mix from the U.S capital adds a new slant on the airpod series. It only took us 5 years to get a mix out of him :-)<br /><br />Simon\'s latest release - \'Arpy\' is out now on his own nofitstate label and picking up huge plaudits - 3.5* on&nbsp;<a href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">Resident Advisor</a>&nbsp;and a Mixmag Tune of the Month (Techno)<br /><br />Enjoy the mix via:<br /><br /><a href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">air london website&nbsp;</a><br /><a href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">Soundcloud</a><br /><a href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">iTunes</a></p> RussoThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>One of the most versatile new acts to emerge from the UK in recent years, Sam is in the midst of a prolific run of form which sees music released on Vitalik, air london and Craig Richard's The Nothing Special.</p> <p>Regularly tasked with opening Fabric\'s main room, Sam\'s taste takes in the deeper moods of both house and techno and airpod 26 takes a snapshot of Sam\'s current club set.<br /><br /><a href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">Listen on Soundcloud&nbsp;</a><br /><a href="\&quot;\&quot;" target="\&quot;_blank\&quot;">Listen and download via iTunes</a></p> FlowThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>airpod 25 is a debut mix from our very own Signal Flow, a new live electronic DJ and production duo featuring San Francisco\'s own Michael Tello of PillowTalk and Ray Zuniga.</p> <p>Originally from Los Angeles, the label mates migrated north to San Francisco and now live bi-coastal in NYC and Berlin. Michael and Ray began their musical collaboration five years ago, giving birth to the innovative partnership that is Signal Flow.</p> <p>Signal Flow -</p> <p>We recorded the podcast in Berlin at Wilde Renate studios. It features music from some of our closest friends: Tone of Arc and No Regular Play. Plus some unreleased gems from Safeword, Kenneth Scott, and fresh new project, Pattern Drama, consisting of Corey Baker and Rami Deejay who will be releasing their debut EP on Touch of Class Records this Fall.</p> <p>We also included our own most recent \'Snow White\' release from Matt Tolfrey\'s Left\'d imprint. Along with a preview track from our upcoming Touch of Class Indian Summer Compilation of another new project called \'disCerN\' aka Jonny Cruz &amp; Silky.</p> <p>For this mix, we kept more of our dancefloor vibe, as our past mixes have been a bit more eclectic. Our goal is to keep things fresh and innovative, where people don\'t really expect any particular style/genre from us, but keep an open mind when hearing our own original music or DJ sets.</p> <p><a rel="\" href="\" target="\"></a><br /><a rel="\" href="\" target="\"></a></p> PeakThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Jordan - Over the past few months I have been making more techno and dropping it more in my sets. I am not finding much inspiration from what is being released in the deeper side of house and instead have found myself drawn to a different sound than what most people might associate me with.</p> <p>This mix documents my current headspace and includes tracks new and old from the likes of Norm Talley, Matthias Fridell, Octave One, Mr. G and Pittsburgh Track Authority, which have all been a constant fixture in my sets over the past few months. I have also included a preview of my upcoming release on D'Julz' incredible label Bass Culture and my remix of one of my favourite X-Press 2 tracks of all time &lsquo;Want You Back&rsquo;, taken from the legendary Muzikizum album on Skint Records.</p> <p>I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I enjoyed making it. And the last word goes to Jack: I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me.</p> HazeThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>This mix was recorded in Zurich, Switzerland in the middle of a massive studio session with MIchal Ho &ndash; it has been raining almost every single day of this tour I&rsquo;m currently finishing up (almost 2 months on the road)<br />&nbsp;<br />It seems like spring never arrived and that summer isn&rsquo;t promised, so with that in mind, i came to make this mix- this set was somewhat of a therapy for me, it made me feel so much better, a bit more optimistic and so i hope it does the same for you. i included a new Hollis Monroe track I&rsquo;m really digging on, worked in one of my fav Maya Jane Coles tracks and somehow even DMX found his way in.<br />&nbsp;<br />All in all I think it&rsquo;s a good listen for many different reasons and situations. Sharing is caring.</p> CurlyThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Recent times have showed the other side of Nick&rsquo;s musical taste with the release of his Between The Lines artist album, which took him away from the dancefloor cuts which made his name. Equally well received, the LP has now been picked up for release by the mighty Defected label. The Bonus Edition is out now and features brand new remixes from the likes of Dennis Ferrer, Osunlade and Larry Heard.<br /><br />However, as 2013 deepens and Ibiza and festival season beckons, Nick returns to the dancefloor and what he does best, with this club mix, featuring tracks from the likes of Tuccillo, Abe Duque, Franco Cinelli and some brand new material of his own</p> VictimThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>&ldquo;Playing at a party is a whole different situation then recording a mix at home.<br /><br />As Session Victim we are DJing together now for about 4 years. When we both started to DJ individually...around 1997...we were mostly occupied with recording mixtapes. Trying to impress each other, very soon the standard went up, a third deck was incorporated or 50 records had to be squeezed into 30 minutes.<br />So basically it kept getting harder to meet our own goals when recording a mix, sometimes it took weeks to finish after major frustration. Still we both have recorded countless mixes of all styles in the last years.<br /><br />In the club we are playing records back-to-back entirely as this a similar competitive aspect as back then, when we tried to record the better mixtape. We never know exactly which records the other has in his bag. In the end, it\\\'s rather about being versatile than just homogenous.<br /><br />For this mix we wanted to create a snapshot of how a Session Victim DJ set sounds like in the club. During the last months we had few pair of records that felt especially good. We started putting the mix together along these 6 or 7 mixes. Some of these records were dropped in the process and a few new ones went in. We were aiming to not get caught up in endless rehearsing and fine tuning of the mix, rather let the records play for while, but we did not quite succeed with this - its 14 records in 50 minutes....&rdquo;<br /><br />(recorded with 3 Technics MK2 + Ecler Nuo)</p> HerlihyThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Gavin - Wheres my head at as 2012 draws to a close? As always it is chasing the sound of the future and avoiding being stuck in one corner for too long. This year like any other has seen trends come and go, labels bounce into the hype fast lane only to be bumped to the hard shoulder by the media or the message boards months later.<br /><br />The pace of change accelerates all the time in dance music and never more so than now. Thats why I consistently focus my selections on a broad range of inspiring music.<br /><br />Throughout my DJ career Ive never stopped playing techno or house regardless of when either style was in and kept an open mind to new sounds while never selling my soul to the latest trend. This mix hopefully reflects that mood. It begins with leftfield disco from the amazing Andr&eacute;s and Marvin and Guys excellent Arthur Russell rework Keep On. It takes in moody heads down house from dOP and ALex Jones and delves into the murkier vinyl only world of artists like off the radar sonic scientists like Four Tet, Frak, G.Marcell or Morphology.&nbsp;<br /><br />I finish with Erol Alkans sublime remix of Connan Mockasin, an ethereal, weird and wonderful gem of a song. In my head, its music for the twilight hours, to be enjoyed with or without friends, at an after-party when youre bored of listening to the obvious, or in your headphones when you need to forget youre sat next to a raving mad person on the number 92 home from work.</p> RuhThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>airpod #19 is a special mix from Dana Ruh, to mark the air london BerMuDa (Berlin Music Days) event at Ritter Butzke, on Thursday November 1.<br /><br />For our first major event in Berlin, it made sense to choose a Berlin artist for the mix and, in the years since her move from Gera, Dana has become one of the most prominent DJ-producer-label owners in her adopted hometown.<br /><br />An open minded DJ, willing and able to push techno, deep house or straight up house, and preferring to play longer sets - in this mix the challenge for Dana was how to include all of these different musical feelings into just over an hour. The resulting mix was one of the most enjoyable to hit the stereo yet...</p> (H-Foundation)Thu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Refreshed and returning to the fray in 2012 - Halo is coming out swinging. With brand new music on the way, the launch of his new label - Surface Records, and the return of the legendary H-Foundation outfit - his new mix should excite any true house music lover. At their peak, H-Foundation DJ sets had clubbers worldwide re-evaluating what they could and would dance to.</p> <p>\'airpod 18 - Halo\' is a selection of newer artists and labels which are moving him today. A club set featuring music from the likes of Subb-an, Shonky, Re-Up, Franck Roger, Anthea, 1Trax, One Records, Kina, Dumb Unit as well as, naturally, some H-Foundation material...</p>, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>This edition of the airpod is mixed by Anthea, from her studio in her new hometown of Berlin. The parallel of industrial buildings and graffiti against the rivers and green trees of summer inspired her to make a mix full of melodic atmospheres, voices, delicate crackles, snare percussions, dubby basslines, and big kicks!</p> <p>This is a solid constitution of a well-compiled sound pallette with an ethereal tone of deep house and techno funk ready to take you on a trip, thinking of the dancefloor, the afterparty and the listener with headphones..</p> GreenThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Tim Green takes the controls for airpod #16 with a 2hr mix recorded live from his Bedlam residency in the UK.<br /><br />Now based in Paris, Tim is in the midst of one of the busiest summers of his career. August sees him hitting the skies for shows at PART in New York, back to Fabric room 1 in London with the Get Physical crew, a welcome return to Carl Cox &amp; Friends at Space Ibiza and joining fellow air Londoner Monika Kruse on the GZG Stage at the Netherlands\' Mysterylands event. August is book-ended by two substantial North American tours, where Tim is enjoying an increasingly high profile.<br /><br />However, it\'s on his home turf in Kent where he feels he can truly open up his musical palette and the airpod set gives a snapshot of the music which is moving Tim right now.</p>, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>The series returns with a new act in the family laying down a selection of tracks out of his homeland.<br /><br />Nitin is the Toronto-based co-founder of the No. 19 Music label (along with Jonny White) and, thus, a key player in the recent explosion of the city&rsquo;s scene on the world stage. <br /><br />His DJ career has also been on the rise, taking in shows across Europe and the U.S, BPM Festival and down into Latin America &ndash; and regularly sharing the turntables with the world&rsquo;s best DJ&rsquo;s at his Toronto residencies</p>, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Arriving on the scene in 2011 with two lauded albums on Rush Hour ('Plastic World' and the recent 'Black Square'), the enigmatic BNJMN demonstrates that the demand for forward thinking music remains as high as ever.</p> <p>Although known primarily for his evocative live set, on this airpod set BNJMN opens up his personal taste and gives us a flavour of what is moving him at the moment. <br /><br />Recorded in early November on the south coast of England, this DJ mix features tracks from Bodycode, Ben Klock, The Field and Efdemin amongst others.</p> live from WatergateThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Not unluckily for us &ndash; this is a set which has long been anticipated in the series. Geddes steps up to debut an airpod mix, fresh from his Halloween exploits at mulletover, where the famed party crew pulled in over 3,500 to their most 'hallowed' event.</p> <p><br />This mix was recorded live at Watergate, back in the summer, and we thank the club for letting us share the set. Containing some old favourites from Geddes' own murmur label, including Jamie Jones' remix of Tom Demac 'Crewcuts &amp; Curls' plus music from Kink, DJ Sneak, Baby Ford's Trelik imprint, Steve Bug's 'Traffic Signs' and a mulletover favourite in the form of Liberty City 'If You Really Love Someone'.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> - The Sound of SummerThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Pezzner &ndash; 'live PA performances hold a special place in my heart. Sometimes I think its odd that while in all other genres of music live performance is the key way for an artist to represent his/herself, in electronic music it is primarily accepted for an artist 'perform' on stage by playing other peoples music. <br /><br />I get it for sure - dancefloor dynamics and all that, but sometimes it makes me wonder what else is lying beneath this DJ hiding behind the records. I feel like the artistry of performance on stage can go much deeper and way beyond the artistry of 'track selection.<br /><br />This recording was made early this summer and is a live eight-channel mix-down of my music, and this performance is truly what I am about. <br /><br />The set takes you through my earlier productions in the last few years, such as my remix of Josh Wink and Blakkat's simple and effective 'Tweek &amp; Roll'(Shaboom), and Neil Quigley's 'Air Raid' (Urbantorque) to some of my most recent works like 'Native Language' for Crosstown Rebels' RebelLion imprint. I hope you enjoy this set.'</p>, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p><span>Currently in the midst of the strongest year of his career to date, a revitalised Burnski is buzzing with energy and brimming with new ideas.<br /><br />'Tropical Nights' is out now on Real Tone, plus the long awaited return EP on Dessous 'Sometimes Takes Longer'. There is more Burnski music planned for Real Tone in the summer and remix highlights include for Robert Owens on Backtobasics and, together with Robert James, a re-work of Simon Baker&rsquo;s 'Grey Area' on 2020 Vision.<br /><br />His airpod set sees him eschew the common or garden variety, 'how deep can I go' podcast style and delve into his vinyl bag for a club-orientated mix 'in all its glory'.<br /><br />A nomination for Best British Breakthrough DJ rounded off the end of 2010, however plans continue for Burnski live, with a debut album surely in the offing in the near future. Keep watching.</span></p> BoysThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>The airpod series brings up double digits with an introduction to one of our newest talents.<br /><br />First appearing in 2009, Jacuzzi Boys have quickly racked up releases on much respected German labels like Kindisch, levelNONzero and Cecille Numbers. The hot tub loving Offenbach natives have since taken their two-man DJ show to some of Europe&rsquo;s finest clubs. With this mix, they introduce the deeper side of their style, moving away from a typical peak time DJ set...</p> liveThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p><br />The ninth instalment in the airpod sequence finally brings Glimpse in to the fold &ndash; this live set has been a long time coming.<br /><br />Recorded at his recent show at Kama Kama in Italy, this set demonstrates why Glimpse has become so sought after both as a producer and a live act. Deep heavy house and techno grooves straddle genres to make up the Glimpse sound and show why heavyweight labels like Planet E, Cadenza, Cocoon and Crosstown Rebels have all released his music.<br /><br />The Glimpse live show combines Ableton and Roland 909 drum machine, which allows him to improvise on the fly and take the set in different directions. And in 2010, he has certainly headed in different directions &ndash; touring North America, Asia, extensively across Europe and joining some of dance music&rsquo;s biggest names when playing to 5000 people for the closing set in the Flight Arena (outdoor car park arena), at Space Ibiza&rsquo;s huge Closing Fiesta.<br /><br />An inventive, versatile and prolific artist, Glimpse has closed the year with a nomination as Best Producer in DJ Magazine&rsquo;s &lsquo;Best of British&rsquo; awards. Enjoy the set.</p> A N I KThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>airpod #8 introduces a breakthrough talent from air london&rsquo;s North American roster. In little less than a year, M A N I K (note the spaces in the name!) has established his reputation outside of his home town of New York with an excellent slate of releases on, amongst others, Four:Twenty, Poker Flat, Culprit and with his main affiliation Ovum with whom he releases his second EP in late 2010.<br /><br />With a current diary already including some of the best parties and clubs in the US (Culprit Sessions in LA; Space Miami and NYC&rsquo;s Resolute), M A N I K has made his mark this year as a DJ and his debut album on Ovum in spring 2011 will surely propel him as a touring artist well beyond North American shores.<br /><br />Recorded live at his &lsquo;I'm Nice Like That Studios&rsquo; in Queens, this is<br />M A N I K.&nbsp;</p> SheltonThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Adam Shelton brings the music for airpod #7, with one of the most interesting concepts of the series so far - as he re-edits each and every track in the mix. <br /><br />Featuring music from his own S.A.S re-edits project with Subb_An, as well as personal favourites from the likes of Mr G, Romanthony and The Mole, airpod #7 is a perfect summertime selection...</p> SimkoThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Straight from her decks in Chicago, Kate Simko drops a summertime mix that cuts right to the essence of the sound of Chicago and Detroit. Highlighting classic labels and producers, as well and shining new talents, the music takes us on a journey from deep to techy, but always full of soul.<br /><br />Ahead of her forthcoming album on Spectral Sound, Kate has collaborations due with both Tevo Howard (Beautiful Granville) and Derek Plaslaiko with the &lsquo;Opinionist&rsquo; EP on Introduction Records.<br /><br />Kate will be based in Berlin during September and available for European live/DJ tour dates.</p> Mosso liveThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>For airpod #5, we introduce our first live set and the unmistakeable sound of Alejandro Mosso.<br />&nbsp;<br />Bringing together older and new material as well as some unreleased cuts, the young Argentinean manages to recreate the feeling of his energetic live club set but which also adapts for home listening. Moving from deep and hypnotic to club orientated along with some Latin textures, this is organic electronic music at its best.</p> Celler &amp; Anthea b2bThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>The fourth instalment of the airpod series is our first collaborative offering. Alex Celler &amp; Anthea came together as a production duo in 2009 with a string of acclaimed releases. In 2010, they are taking their studio partnership on the road with their back2back dj shows, which merge Alex&rsquo;s tougher, techier sound with Anthea&rsquo;s more smoother style. Enjoy the first dj mix offering from the new collective.</p>, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>It is no secret, to those in the know, that the south east of Europe has in recent times become one of the most exciting destinations on the planet for dance music lovers.<br /> New clubs, new artists and new music have announced themselves on to the world stage and the next wave of talent is ready to emerge from Greece. With this in mind, the Athens-based Kreon takes the controls for airpod #3, known from here forward as 'Greekpod'.</p> <p>Containing 12 tracks from only Greek artists such as John Dimas, Nikola Gala, Lemos and Mr Statik, Kreon delivers an hour long mix which also contains material from his soon-to-be launched 'Orpheas' label (together with Lemos) and delivers his own interpretation of the Mediterranean sound..</p> Curly @ SEEK Music, BrasilThu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>The second instalment of airpod comes from an artist who, right now, is on top of his game. Nick Curly has exploded worldwide in 2008/9 through a combustible combination of killer 12" releases and a string of acclaimed DJ sets. This latest mix was recorded live at the Seek Music Festival in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, where Nick played the last date of his South American tour, in front of an outdoor crowd of 2000 people...</p> Dietz 'NYC sunrise mix'Thu, 17 Apr 14 11:26:51 -0400<p>Inspired by late nights and early mornings on his recent North American tour, Robert&rsquo;s &lsquo;NYC sunrise mix&rsquo; aims to provide an insight into a wide spectrum of house music. This mix is more stripped down and deeper compared to his "prime time" club mixes, combining personal favourites and special edits from classics and unreleased stuff to create a specific and hypnotic atmosphere.</p>